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Food is a celebration to Thai people and to eat alone would be considered a sad misfortune. The Thai style of eating differs somewhat to the west – where a westerner would have one large plate of food, the Thais have many smaller and varying dishes – all of which are tasted and shared. 

After travelling in Thailand, one lingering memory will always be the wonderful, pungent cooking smells. This class will allow you to have a greater understanding of local produce/ingredients and recreate some of those aromas – to remind you of your time in Thailand and to present your family and friends with fond memories through the weird and wonderful smells that will emanate from your kitchen. 


Elsies Kitchen.jpg

Each class consists of three dishes chosen from our favourites list or specifically requested by participants. All ingredients and utensils provided and each student walks away with a guide to most common spices in Thailand and a recipe booklet. If participants want an additonal experience into the "foodie world" of Thailand, an excursion to the local wet markets of the area can be included.

1,500 thb per person Market/class

1,200 thb per person class only